What are the most popular fandoms?


Top Ten List of Fandom Hotness
Lacroix, from the Forever Knight TV series . He was our first look at a real platinum blond vampire, and honestly, who has done it better since? He was a devilish cad, unreliable, unpredictable, and was downright evil. But we ladies love his velvety smooth voice that he used at his job as a radio disk jockey to send threats, bits of advice, or the occasional warning out to whoever was listening. Viva Lacroix!

Richard D. Riddick, from the books, cartoon, video games, and the movies (Vin Diesel). The bald bad boy we love no matter how he’s presented to us! Is there any media that this hunk of “dare not to love me, or you’ll get hurt like all the rest” has not yet conquered? He’s got a rock hard body and a deep, sexy, gravely voice. He is a man seeking only his personal freedom, but never at the cost of others. He is alone and the last of his kind, but unwilling to wallow in his sadness or accept your pity.

Raistlin, from the Dragonlance book series and recently of an adequate animated for straight to DVD movie. As a traveling companion, he was not the best, preferring to be alone and read his spellbook rather than converse at the nightly campfire. His temperament ran hot and cold, and he was always quick to point out the flaws in everything. His health was chronically poor, and he was not able to travel fast, force march, or fight long.

Richard “Rick” O’Connell of the Mummy movie franchise (Brandon Fraiser). A die hard adventurer with a tuff as nails exterior, Rick has a soft, romantic, gooey center. He has a boyish face and starlight in his smile. He takes to pressure in a realistic and prudent fashion, screaming while empting his clip at the problem or charging it blindly with a slashing sword.

Ahmad ibn Fadlan ibn al-Abbas ibn Rashid ibn Hamad, or plain old “Ibn” to his newfound Viking companions, this dark eyed Arab Scholar is top drawer (Antonio Banderas). He was a poet by profession who was banished from the woman he loved only to find himself taking part in a very real and very dangerous adventure. He is among people he cannot relate to, customs he cannot understand, barely speaking a language he is forced to learn-all this in a land completely unlike any he has ever traveled to.

Roy Batty, from the movie Blade Runner and the book, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? (Rutger Hauer) He was young, platinum blond, cleanly bares cheated, and so full of heat and desire and a lust for life that nothing was going to hold him back. He cared deeply for his girl, Pris, and wanted to his kind, replicates, what everyone wants: a chance to live. He was a freedom fighter, and like so many others died for what he believed in. But he knew that going into it, didn’t he?

Tyr Anasazi, from the TV show Gene Rodenberry’s: Andromada (Keith Hamilton Cobb). O.M.G. “Hot” does not even begin to cover it. He’s stoic, passionate, a brooder, and has a set of powerfully built arms that wouldn’t hug you so much as they would envelop your quivering body. Mmmmmm.

Spike, from the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer (James Marsters). Josh Wheaton did “dark” justice. He is quite brilliant really in dishing out the pain on the characters you love. Spike has had more than his fair share of pain and heartache. A poet and doting mamma’s boy in life, poor William became “William the Bloody” when he became a vampire, and then later earned himself the nickname “Spike.”

Leon Scott Kennedy, of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4, video games. This dreamy, perfectly drawn hunk was just short of becoming the unanimous hands down favorite. Poor, lovely Leon he doesn’t get the chance to speak often in this first person shooter, but his voice is as intimate as the rustle of bedsheets. In RE: 2 he has just joined the Raccoon City’s Police Department. It’s his first day on the job and moments after he clock’s in there is an infectious zombi breakout that goes from bad to worse rather quickly.

And finally, the Hottest of the Hot, the most Desirable and Wanted Man in all of Fandom is:

Thomas Wraith, of the Dresden Files series of books. Thomas started off as a walk-on the character who worked his way into the hearts of the fans of the books. These days Thomas is now about as popular as the main character, Harry Dresden. Thomas is a Vampire of the White Court, or more basically, an Incubus. But rather than gaining his sustenance off of hapless victims he mindlessly pleasures to death, he’s responsible.

Well, that’s it, my Top Ten Picks of Fandom Hotness. I have noticed a startling trend in what we fan girls go for – the Vampiric, Byronic Action Hero, primarily blond, nicely muscled, a little dangerous, but at the end devoted to his lady love.


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